Posted in Devarim on Sunday, 26 June 2011.

You are Standing Firmly...” (29: 9)

“You stand firmly today, aIl of you together, before God, Your God.” Jews must stand firm and unshakable, though they are “the smallest among all the nations.”

This can be only when they are bound and united together—“All of you.”

How is it possible to form a true and enduring union of different individuals with different ideas, different interests, and different aspirations?

The answer is: “Before God, your God.” The union of all Jews is possible because, as a matter of fact, they are already united by virtue of their souls, the Divine soul, which is actually a part of God above, and which is found in every Jew without exception. And the profound reflection that you stand “Before God”, who is “Your God”—your strength and your life—must bring forth and actualize the union of one Jew with another, and of the individual with the community of our people, in the fullest measure.

(Excerpt from public letter written on Erev Shabbos Parshas Nitzavim 5721)

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