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The Passover Sacrifice

The liberation from Egypt was not merely the liberation of numerous individuals; it was the liberation of a People.

Accordingly, one would have expected that the Korban Pesach [Pesach Offering] would emphasize the “nation” motif, the idea of community. Actually the approach and instruction was exactly the reverse.

True, all the “congregation” was enjoined to offer the Korban Pesach, but the instructions were explicit: each home had to have its own Korban Pesach; each Jew was individually singled out and counted for the purpose of sharing in it; each one had to be confined to his particular home or company for the duration of the Korban Pesach repast.

Herein the Torah teaches us that the way to accomplishment, even if it is intended for the community as a whole, and even if it concerns the very “liberation” of the community, must nevertheless begin with concentration on the self, and on the members of one’s family and immediate circle, even though the call must necessarily go out to the whole community.

Moreover, attention should be directed not towards general considerations and all-embracing resolutions, but towards applying the main concern and energy in the realization, in the daily life, of the various “small” duties. For it is precisely this approach that will eventually bring the deliverance of the individual as well as of the community as a whole.

(Excerpt from a letter written by the Rebbe)

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